Introducing Atom

Atom is an AI based platform which helps organization
optimize their salesforce

A.I. Enabled Competency Gap

We have identified that the biggest dilemma faced by Organization is accurately and quickly identify competency gaps. Our proprietary AI Platform helps you do just that. What’s better, in just 5 minutes!

SmartAssess - AI enable competency Gap
VideoAssesment-Real life simulation

Real Life Simulation

We simulate real life situations on mobile phones. By spending just few minutes, the entire organization’s competencies can be mapped for corrective actions (training, counselling, mentoring, etc.).

Robust Analytics to cut
training costs

Automated designing of optimal Training Plans, identifying user specific training needs. All with the specific focus of improving business outcomes for an organization.

Mapping ROI of training

Improve efficiency of your salesforce

Meeting sales target, will now be easy. Early detection of gaps leads to early redressal which leads to increase in business productivity.

We are passionate about making your salesforce great.
Lets us show you how we can help you
Our Customers See Amazing Results
Oppo, India
“38% Increase in Adoption Through In-App Education”
Wockharth, India
“20% Increase in NPS Through Timely Customer Announcements”
“11% Increase in Trial Conversions Through StreamlinedOnboarding”