Milking Process


World famous

We raise Holstein Friesian breed cows, that are a proven cross between the Friesian from Holland and the Holstein from Germany. Unique characteristics of this breed:

  • The signature black and white colour.
  • World’s renowned breed for milk of the highest quality.
  • Uniform breed at our farm, ensuring uniformity in taste and quality.
  • The reason for this degree of nurturing is simple – happy cows gives better milk.

Quality Fodder for
our Cows

  • Every cow enjoys a 100% high nutrition feed.
  • The feed is planned and formulated by our nutritionists.
  • Total Meal Ration (TMR) is strictly followed at the farm.
  • Treated soft water provided for drinking.
  • This TMR result is rich wholesome milk that full.

Flawless Milking
and Processing

  • All the cows are walked through a walk-in- shower before proceeding to milking parlour maintain hygiene.
  • Each cow is cleaned before being fitted with the milking apparatus.
  • The machine use suction to milk the cows.
  • Fresh milk is stored in cooled containers.
  • Milk is then Pasteurized and homogenized before being bottled.
  • A sample from every milking batch is tested to ensure the quality parameter.

World class

  • State-of- art machinery right from milking to packing the milk and delivery.
  • Our international-standard automated milking parlour is one-of- its-kind in India.


  • We maintain cold chain throughout farm to last leg of delivery in under 4 0C.
  • Our milk reaches your doorstep untouched, chilled to perfect of vital goodness of cows milk.
  • Naturally our milk is good to the last drop.

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