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Insulation Jackets – Sun

This removable fire-resistant jacket is designed for very high temperature applications providing excellent insulation, durability, fire protection & also has acoustic properties resulting the decrease of sound also along with temperature. These jackets help to contain the heat in the exhaust lines, thereby reducing the amount of heat radiating into the immediate area.


Due to its removable / reusable nature these jackets are ideal where maintenance or inspection is regularly required.Their design makes them easy to fit and removeThey are, robust and easy to apply also ensures many years of trouble-free use. In heat tracing lines, these jackets provide the perfect solution to the problem of diesel freezing in the flexible pipes, when subjected to extreme cold


Too much radiated heat from the exhaust will increase the chances of the engine overheating. These jackets have been tried and tested in the extreme heat of a desert climate, and they are ideal solutions for oilfield zone 2 certification.


Valves, flanges, etc. are often left un-insulated in order to accommodate regular inspection and maintenance. These jackets are the perfect solution for such cases also


  • Reduced power costs (efficiency of insulation allows up to 20% de-rating of heater bands). Faster start-up.
  • Prevents burns to personnel by drastically reducing the temperatures of exposed surfaces,
  • Early payback of capital invested (normally below 1 year)
  • Reduction in ambient temperature of the workplace crucial in the warm summer months.
  • Tailored fit to individual machines allows for easy removal for maintenance. ( Individual jackets are clearly marked with machine No. and position No.)
  • Wipe clean non stick surface prevents plastic spill from damaging jackets.


Heating & Cooling installation on valve & armatures

Boilers room on valve & armatures

Boat Boilers room on valve & armatures

Motor exhaust lines

Steam installation

Red-hot oil lines

Turbines and generators

Heat exchangers body

Chillers and hot water tanks

Textile painting machines

Plastic injection machines

Machine equipments


Diesel Engine Exhaust
Gas Turbine Exhaust
Oil / Fuel Hose Fire

We offer Insulation Jackets & Pads to our clients. Manufactured using high grade raw material, the range also.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of our reputed clients, we are manufacture and supply

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Facmaster. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines

Removal of asbestos by EPA approved methods , by glove bag or Poly covering and creating the negative & positive.


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