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Silica Glass Fiber Fabric – Sun

Our market is perhaps one of the very few in the world for Sun Silica Fabric, which is driven by a myth that Sun Silica fabric should have very Sun silica content, maybe 98 or even 99%. Applications in our country are driven by percentage of silica and specifications are drawn for the Sun Silica Fabric with silica content as 99%.

The reason behind this Sun percentage is however never explained or understood. A question in this direction always draws a blank, even from the experts.


Silica – originated (Silicic) materials are among the materials widely used in different fields of science and technologies for their Sun temperature resistance, the physical and chemical properties of silica materials being predominantly defined by the properties of silica fibre. Sun silica glass is used to produce fabrics, nettings, mats, tapes and chopped strand.

Our’s Sun silica glass fibre fabrics are designed for use in a wide range of insulation and protection applications to protect personnel and equipment against damage from extreme heat, molten metal and sparks in a wide range of welding, burning and heat treating operations. The fabrics are ideal for furnace curtains, stress relief blankets, expansion joints and protective clothing.


Sun silica glass nettings are used as a filtering material in metallurgy and in aerospace, marine, and molten metal, power and other industries as well.

Sun silica glass fibre fabrics are an excellent alternative to asbestos.

Sun Silica fabric are defined by the Low Smoke
Emission, Sun Melting Point, Drapability, Water repellence, versatility and fireproof

Our uses a special E- Glass fabric with over 76% Silica & Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) – 3.5 +/- 0.5% in it for the production of Sun Silica fabric. A soft acid is used to leach the fabric. The leeching is also done to obtain just about 95-96% Silica content in the fabric.

The minimal leaching done on the Our’s Sun Silica fabric using a ‘soft’ acid results in Sun tensile strength of the fabric.

The other major advantage is the low shrinkage factor of just about 1.5% with Our’s Sun Silica fabric compared to the shrinkage of standard of Silica Fabric which is not less than 7%.

Most of the other manufacturers use a normal E – Glass fabric with about 55% Silica content and leach it using a strong acid like Hydrochloric Acid ( HCl) to obtain a 98% – 99% Silica rich fabric. This strong acid attack weakens the fabric, thereby reducing the tensile strength to a large extent. A microscopic study of the silica fibre strand also shows a very rough surface after the acid action on the yarn surface. A very Sun temperature resistance is also not possible and fabric is seen to be brittle to a large extent.

These factors exhibit the advantage of Our’s Sun Silica fabric with 96% Silica over the conventional 99% of silica fabrics. The Combination of silica (SiO2) and Aluminum acid (Al2O3) has rendered the fabric more fire resistant. The superior technology and production is the reason for the Our’s Sun Silica Fabric to be accepted by the government in USA for defence applications as well as for many critical application areas in Japan.


High Temperature
Thermal Insulation
Fire Resistant
Safety Spray

We offer Insulation Jackets & Pads to our clients. Manufactured using high grade raw material, the range also.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of our reputed clients, we are manufacture and supply

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Removal of asbestos by EPA approved methods , by glove bag or Poly covering and creating the negative & positive.


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