IVF Success Story

Mrs G a 44 year old with multiple fibroids and a right ovarian cyst and intra uterine polyps, with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) with 3 cycles of IUI done in the past came to us for a Donor Egg IVF. Her CA 125 was 15.

We did an endoscopic Myomectomy, Cystectomy, and Polypectomy for her. The cyst was a serous cystadenoma on pathology and she was referred to an oncologist for opinion. She was advised to wait for 3 months, repeat tumor markers and sonography before proceeding with an IVF cycle.

She underwent a Donor Egg IVF cycle and conceived. She delivered a healthy baby at term.

IVF Success Stories


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Indo Nippon IVF Success Stories

By Dr. Goral Gandhi

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