IVF Success Story

Mrs. NG a 25 year old with PCOS with a laparoscopy done showing tuberculosis had taken AKT and undergone two IUI cycles. Her HSG showed a right terminal hydrosalpinx. A laparoscopy revealed a right hydrosalpinx, pelvic adhesions and a left dilated but patent tube. Her right tube was delinked and adhesiolysis done. She underwent an IVF cycle during which she had a left ectopic pregnancy. A gynecologist at her hometown did a left salpingostomy.

We did a frozen embryo cycle for her during which she again had a left sided ectopic pregnancy for which a left partial salpingectomy was done.

Following this IVF cycle was done and she had a stump ectopic.

We did a laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy.

In her frozen embryo transfer cycle she was found to have a uterine polyp for which an Hysteroscopic polypectomy was done.

She finally conceived in her frozen embryo transfer cycle and had a preterm birth at 7 months delivering a 900 gm baby. The baby is 1 year old now and doing well.

IVF Success Stories


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Indo Nippon IVF Success Stories

By Dr. Goral Gandhi

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